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SecurKenya also provides bollard security equipment, it is mainly used to control the road vehicles in sensitive areas, combined with the barrier control system or used alone, with high practicality, reliability and security. Through restrictions on the passing vehicles, it can protect traffic order and safety effectively. Available in either a single or double unit facing each other to allow for gaps of up to 2 metres allowing for sufficient space for wheelchairs, trolleys and bulky goods.

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It has the flexibility to be integrated with a variety of control systems from a simple manually operated push button to more sophisticated fully automatic ultrasonic, overhead sensors or autosensors devices. Bollards play an essential role in creating a safe environment, whether it is alongside a path to protect pedestrians, or in front of your shop for security purposes. In city centres and new premium office spaces, bollards are used as visual features as much as their practical applications. Stainless steel bollards are a favourite amongst are clients as they offer the perfect combination of style and strength.

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